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Branding and Identity

Interactive! provides branding & identity solutions - visual design graphics and slogans for companies wanting to add impact to their brand.

Logo’s and slogans are important design and communication elements for a company.

We design elements to be eye catching, modern and a strong communication tools for our clients' brand. 

Interactive! solutions are:

  • descriptive
  • visually appealing
  • distinguishable
  • wel crafted
  • effective

Logo's - We design graphical image used to visually identity and describe a company or brand. Online, the image can be visual, audial, and also animated. 

Slogans - slogans are short statements that are used for marketing a company or brand. They distinguish a company/brand in the market place. They become part of the company's identity. In order for these short messages to be effective, they must be well crafted. We take consumer behavior, human behavior, and market activity to crafted a company/brand slogan.

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