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Interactive! provides marketing solutions for companies wanting to leverage the web to market their business.

We impliment client campaigns using sound marketing strategy and utilize the most advanced internet technology.

We match our best fit services with client goals and maximize the use of their budget for the most effective results.

Interactive! solutions

  • increase web visibility
  • drive traffic to website
  • increase opportunity to sell
  • further the development of the brand
  • build customer loyalty behavior

We offer the following types of internet marketing services:

Search Engines Marketing (SEM/SEO) - Search engines crawl websites to gather data about the product and services your company offers. The more content that is available, the more information that is feed to the search engines.  Our services ensure that your website is feeding the right data so your site ranks well in search engine results. 

Pay Per Click Campaigns (Google Adwords) - Paid placement in search engine results is what pay per click campaigns are all about.  We conduct a competitive analysis and research your industry to create the most intuitive adword campaigns to get you to top ranking position on Google's search engine. 

Website Analytics - We gathering performance information on your website is a critical part of managing a healthy online presence. We gather analytical data and interpret it to make sound marketing decisions that improve your business ROI.

Email Marketing - What good is gathering email addresses on your website if you are not going to communicate with your prospective clients, for products and services with a longer sales cycle, email marketing is critical. Let us help you communicate with your prospects and convert them into customers.  

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