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Website Design

We design and build responsive websites using the most intuitive web technologies and most engaging media to draw interest and substantiate client brands on the internet.

Our websites are designed on a sound infrastructure and meant to be highly functional and expandable.

Each website content is housed in its very own content management system and associated database.

Interactive! built websites are:

  • search engine friendly
  • keyworded and highly crawlable
  • cross-compatible in browsers
  • responsive to form factor
  • expandable --content and function

We offer the following types of sites:

Full Website - A full website is made up of 4 or more website pages. Generally, the first four pages consist of:

  • HOME PAGE - welcome page where visitors first arrive
  • ABOUT PAGE - outlines the company's identity, owners, and company history
  • PRODUCT/SERVICES PAGE - outlines the product and services you provide your customers
  • CONTACT PAGE - Provides details of how to contact your company, location, hours of operation

Most company website are full websites.  Search engines crawl websites to gather data about the product and services your company offers. The more content that is available, the more information that is feed to the search engine.  The website should also be relevant to your business, highly focused and informative. Visitors should be able to gather all relevant information to make a purchasing decision with your company.  

Microsite - A small version of a full website, 2-3 web pages, that is generally used for marketing purposes. It promotes a special event, an offer, a product or service. Micro-websites are highly effective online marketing tool.

Landing Page - A landing page is a single web page that is used to promote a product or service. Landing pages are optimized to get a visitor to do something specific. All the tools to accomplish this task are right on the page. Generally, landing pages are used to gather data on potential customers (email, name, phone no.) so that they can be contacted at a later time. They are highly effective as online marketing tools to get visitors to engage with your company's offering. 

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